Episode 16: Dessert City…?

Neverending Nights: Episode 16 – Dessert City…? It’s a trend that keeps on happening. Each episode seems to get a little longer than the last. This time we’re looking at 10 minutes of pure NeN madness! However, this one will cost you 49.5 megs on your hard drive! But this one is well worth it’s time and size! Not only do we have our two star studded would be heroes, Peter the Ranger and Grayson the Fighter – but this episode also has Guard Vern and Guard Douglas of the City of Ator! And not only does it have that – it even has Conner the Kid and Lady Lorraine! And if that wasn’t enough talent to be crammed into one episode – guess whose back? That’s right! Another update on Pawl the Dorf… and who does he run into? Well, if I said anything, that might ruin the surprise! But you’re saying right now, “I downloaded the episode and didn’t see Pawl the Dorf! I demand a refund!” I guess you didn’t give us credit for being a little sneaky…

So go on. Download it. You know you want to. And when you finish. Show it to your friends. Your family. You know you want to do that too. And when you do that, rent one of those cool airplanes that do the writing in the air, and tell everyone in your city to download it and watch it. (Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for injury if you do not possess a pilot’s license to be flying one of those things)! :)

The PSP version of this episode will be released in a few days. Speaking of the PSP versions of the episodes, please note that if you go to our video page, the URL for the PSP episodes HAS CHANGED. So if you were directly linking them from somewhere (which we do not mind at all!), please note the new URL and make the changes. All the new PSP episodes will be hosted on the new site on Adam’s domain.

The thread for all of this madness can be found on our site, over here.

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