99.99% Done!

That’s right – it’s now 2:34am… and I just finished off writing Season 2… it will bring us up to 42 episodes worth of NeN goodness! One moment please – I am replacing the toothpicks holding open my eyelids… Ah! Yes! There we go! Anyway – the reason I am saying it’s 99.99% done – is because I like to comb it over and see now that it’s all done and written – if there’s anywhere I need to add or subtract anything – to make a joke or remove a lame joke. (Well, no – most of the lame jokes stay in the script, who am I kidding…)

Looking it over (just glancing it over at the moment, want to be more conscious and awake when I do the real comb over) – I actually like how this Season has turned out! Lots of cool little things, references, and even some plot twists! (Well, okay – not really plot twists per se – but some cool things with the characters!) Want to know some clues – you might want to check out the thread called ‘Best Ever Theory For Andrea’s Mother.’

With the script completed (minus the final comb over) – all things considered, side projects and all – I am hoping that we can get all the actors (who are local, which is just about EVERY single one of them – save for one or two!) – down for the day to record the lines for Season 2! This way, we won’t suffer any audio differences (again, other than the one or two who won’t be recording with us here locally, for whatever reason!) And as soon as we begin recording audio, Adam can begin filming the actual episodes! The ‘Module/Map’ we use – I am almost done with as well. There’s only a few places I need to put in and add, and that will be ready to go!

So – all that said – I am hoping no later than Mid-October for us to begin recording everything and getting the ball rolling for Neverending Nights – Season 2! Want to comment about this update? Head right over here into our forum!




PS: Kroze just brought this to my attention – Bryy Miller was on “The Movies: On Air” again – with Mission Radio – and Neverending Nights got a brief mention during the interview. You can download the complete versions right over here (Neverending Nights is in the first half, around the 43:00 minute mark). Or if you’re just interested in what got said about Neverending Nights – I went ahead and cropped and cut the audio and am making it available for download – right here at a mere 328KB!

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