Episode 18: Pepper Flavored?

Neverending Nights – Episode 18: Pepper Flavored? – A mere 18 megs in size – this short episode has our heroes meet an old friend from a previous episode! Also, that old friend apparently knows the location of… The Dragon? Could it be? Are the pieces all falling into place? As we draw closer and closer to Episode 21 – Season One’s big ending – it looks like our heroes are on the right trail after all… And it only cost them like… five gold.

As a side note – there was an assortment of issues with using the original footage Adam had provided me. So most of it is refilmed, and limited to one computer, vs the four we normally use for Adam’s. But I was lazy, impatient, and bored, so I didn’t want to refilm it. So I think filming wise, it’s a weak episode (because it’s done by me, rather than Adam who has a good eye for what makes a good shot – but thankfully, it’s short – so it shouldn’t be too painful).

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