5 Yard Penalty. Delay of Game… or Episode.

Well – ran into a glitch with Episode 19. As I was splicing the audio – I came to realize – Andrea’s lines weren’t matching with what Daniel was saying… Something was amiss – although the beginning of the episode seemed fine.

Then it dawned on me. We had the old reading from Andrea for Episode 19. (Originally she was to run into Alan the Astounding – but that got nixed when Chad didn’t have time to record lines – so we rewrote Episode 19 to introduce Daniel – and as a result some of the dialogue is drastically different).

So pardon us – while we hunt down Christi to read Andrea’s new lines. It’s going to be a VERY busy week (with Thanksgiving and all) – but if Christi comes down for Thanksgiving – we could quickly yank her into the studio and do the lines. Which of course means, the soonest Episode 19 is coming out is next weekend.

My apologies about the delay. Both Adam and I thought that we had the new version of Andrea’s lines recorded.

Personally, I blame Adam. He was out boozing it up last night at an Irish Bar until like 2am or something. I dunno how that places the blame on Adam… but work with me. (Technically I should have checked the audio way before hand…)

I got so drnuk….

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