Druidstone Game Pre-Order.

Some of the folks who made Legend of Grimrock have teamed up to form a new team and have created a new game called Druidstone: The Secrets of the Menhir Forest.

From Petri:

Hi! Our new game, Druidstone: The Secret of The Menhir Forest, a tactical, turn-based RPG will be released on May 15th!

Starting from today, you can pre-order the game directly from us with a 10% discount and receive a Steam key and a DRM-free version when the game releases. As a special pre-order bonus you will also get a free copy of a digital book about the creation of the game on May 31st.

Read more about the pre-order in the official Druidstone blog:

Pre-order trailer:

I would highly recommend checking it out – and the pre-order is discounted! Honestly, it’s a beautiful game! Very fun! I would highly recommend it!

– Tawmis

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