Episode 43 – this weekend! (I Hope!)

“What’s the hold up?” you ask – well, I am a man with entirely too many hobbies. And one of them happens to be comic books (not so much, these days), but I still do The Comic Relief Podcast, which I run, host, edit, the whole bit. And recently knocked out three episodes – Issue #30 (Captain Marvel), Issue #31 (Avengers: EndGame), and Issue #32 (Free Comic Book Day 2019). With the comic book movie scene looking to be quiet for a little while, I can focus back around to doing Neverending Nights again! And I am hoping that this weekend, I can film, edit, and splice and dice, Episode 43 and get that up and online.

I’ve also recently taken up DMing again; for one group, I call “Anita’s Group” (she’s the one who organized it all) and the “Work Group” (which is composed mostly of fellow co-workers). If you’re bored or wonder what kind of DM I am; you can read about the adventure’s of Anita’s Group and the Work Group on my site. Something I’ve enjoyed doing is making the world a “living world” – so the actions of one group can have consequences for the other. (For example, Anita’s group was sent by an angelic being to go save a Dryad from being sacrificed on the Great Tree; they side tracked, and as a result the Dryad was killed, and the Great Tree, which was a prison for a fallen angel escaped… the Work Group later, got a mission to clear out the Jade Forest, from the unusual monsters that took up residence there after the release of the Fallen Angel corrupted the land).

Much love to all of you who still hang out and watch Neverending Nights.



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