D&D 5e: The Secret of Havenfall Manor

So I’ve written a module for 5e entitled The Secret of Havenfall Manor.

Please share this around!

This module can be used as an “expansion” to Dragon of Icespire Peak (but not required).

News of a manor just inside Neverwinter Forest is generating an assortment of unusual rumors… Tales speak of everything from a haunted Manor. A few have dared to investigate the Manor… but as soon as they approach, they’re overcome by an eerie feeling that something is watching them… None have entered Havenfall Manor since its destruction at the hands of a White Dragon… what is it that keeps people away? Why is the forest so silent and cold surrounding the Manor? Is it that the White Dragon herself has taken up residence?

40 pages – Includes two maps (exterior location, interior Manor), 11 pages of a “diary” as a handout for players, as they’re found; one new “monster”, several modified versions of monsters (as NPCs), and a dark mystery to solve… Will your players be the one to break the curse?

In the shadow
There is darkness.
In the darkness
There is despair.
In the despair
There is a curse.
Welcome to Havenfall Manor.

– Love,

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