The thankfulness of my D&D Group.

I am so utterly blessed to have the game I DM before.

So the story goes that Anita (who had played D&D one or two times previously at a Brewery) posted a picture on Facebook of a DM screen. I replied and said how it looked like mine (a custom wooden DM screen). She asked if I DM’ed, and I said, I do – and have been playing for well over 30 years.

She asked if I wouldn’t mind DMing for her friends who were interested – but had never played D&D. I agreed to it (which is way outside of my normal reaction, as I am an introvert and only extrovert around people I know). The day comes and I show up at Anita’s and my nerves begin to kick in…

My first mistake was assuming that this was mostly going to be guys who hadn’t played D&D. Because while more and more and more and more women have gotten into playing D&D, I don’t know why I just had it in my head that it would be guys. Well, that seems stupid in hindsight, since Anita is a woman (not to say women can’t have male friends!)… but in walks Jessica… so now I am more nervous than I was before, because I was going to be DMing for at least two women… am I going to have the types of adventures they might enjoy? Then in walks Melinda. I am now internally screaming, “What have I gotten myself into?” Then walks in Amy (am… I about to DM for an all girl group? This will be amazing and nerve wracking all at the same time) – but behind Amy is her husband David, and with them, their friend Albert.

I couldn’t have been more nervous, as it sank in, that I am the make it or break it for this crew of amazing people. But as I stand and begin to explain character races, classes, and how all of that works, we all begin simply talking – and more importantly – laughing. It was within 10 minutes, I felt like I had always known these people.

Now we get together, once a month, bring tons of great food and dishes; spend time before the game, talking and catching up. We’re all now friends on Facebook. These people who had never played D&D were willingly sacrificing a Saturday Night, once a month to be a part of the adventures I created for them!

I think back about how I was nervous to meet them – and how I tell each of them – when we call it a night, how thankful I am for them, and how much I love them all. Anita plays the Rogue; out for gold! Melinda plays the bard, with the biggest of hearts! Jessica plays the cleric that tries to keep her party alive! Brad, Jessica’s husband joined the game, and plays the fighter! Dave plays the brutish barbarian! Albert plays the scouting Ranger, and Amy plays the “blow it up with fire” wizard.

I have a couple of memorable games that I have done with them. Our third session was right around Halloween, so I made up a Halloween themed adventure called “The Hollowing” where they had to recover a magical pumpkin that’s used to create a barrier around the town and keep the demons at bay!

I think another great adventure that everyone remembers. I had the map laying face down (so the unused side was showing). We ate and everyone thought I would be drawing on the map. After we finished the delicious dinner – I had everyone flip the map over – and it took mere seconds for everyone to realize – the mansion they were going into – all the rooms on the map were the rooms that were in the (various) CLUE games. And the entire thing was about a murder mystery!

On our one year Anniversary of playing together, we had a big deal – and Jessica (who is an amazing cook) made “1 year D20 Anniversary” cookies – here’s the video of it (which has tons of pictures of us playing that I frequently take) –

In our most recent adventure – the party helped “Santa Claus”
recover his “Bag of Holding” and the “Gem of Levitation.”

On top of that, I had gotten all of their astrological signs – and when Santa says, “I have a gift for each of you” at the start of the adventure – I handed them each a book and card with thanks – that corresponded with each of their astrological signs (thanks to my wife, Amiee)! Here’s the video (they had no clue!)

I share these stories and people are like, “They’re so lucky to have you as a DM.”
And I correct them and say, “No, I’m lucky to have them as players.”

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