When Neverending Nights got into PC Gamer UK…

Digging through the email archives, here’s another big of history…:

From: Mark Sutherns
Date: 2004/12/15 Wed PM 12:15:36 EST
To: Tawmis
Subject: Re: This is Tawmis from Neverending Nights.com

Neverending Nights

Hi Tawmis

Ta for getting back to me….
I was really after some quality screenshots as the shots I have taken are a little blurry.

Can you supply me with pics that portray the following?…

Peter and Grayson at the well in episode 2

Pawl the Dwarf’s map

Peter and Grayson lost in the wood

Peter and Grayson or just one of them in the tavern in Galana (sp?)

We’d need tiffs or jpgs if possible – either a link to a download or a zip file ( we have a 3mb limit on email)

Neverending Nights is our machinima selection of the month in our Feb issue out on January 22nd in the UK. We’ll feature a four panel strip from the series and a brief description as to why our readers
should download it.

I was wondering – would you have any objection to us covermounting episodes 1-5 on our discs to accompany the piece?

PC Gamer

From: Mark Sutherns
Date: 2004/12/21 Tue AM 08:45:38 EST
Subject: Re: Neverending Nights – Complete!

Neverending Nights

lol…great stuff….many thanks…love the intro….

We’re watching through all the other episodes again now…these will all go on our DVD issue out in Jan here the UK.

Of course I’ll send you some copies…just mail me postal addresses – there’s no charge of course.

We’ll watch for new episodes and covermount them when we can if that’s okay with you.

All the best
PC Gamer

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