The Dark Tide Comes.

Long ago, the Elves and Humans lived in harmony. Their cities and keeps were numerous in what is now known as the Northland, a vast and untamed land. Now, only the heartiest of adventurers survive in this once great land. Yet, there is one jewel left from the civilization of old…

Goldenstep. Also known as the Shining City of the North. A city of grand architecture with elaborate temples to the many deities of the realm. A place of artistic enlightenment where bards and scholars outnumber the adventurers in their vast conservatories of knowledge and magic.

A place of corruption… And that is where we fit in. We are…


A new machinima series coming soon.

Download the (Rough Draft Preview) – Darktide Preview 95MB.

Christopher Escalante (Preview Narrator of the Preview)
Chris Gabennesch (Cartographer/Artist of the Preview)

Future Episodes Will Feature the Voice Talent of:

Rochelle Kuhl
Timothy Buddell
Travis Richards
Robert Pedersen

With a small special guest spot by:
Tawmis Logue

– Tawmis

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