Spring Time (In The Summer) Cleaning Of The Mailbox.

So I was cleaning out my mailbox of some of the things I have kept archived for trips down memory lane – and figured I would share the ones that dealt with Neverending Nights.

First there, A Bard’s Tale – Untold. This one chronicles some emails when I tried to get Seth Able, who designed the BBS Door Game (perhaps one of the most popular at the time) entitled “Legend of the Red Dragon” (also known as “L.O.R.D.”).

Then there was, Rising Popularity – Across The Pond which deals with our entrance into PC GAMER UK, the article and the DVD within the magazine that had the first 5 episodes as well as a special episode we made specifically for the magazine.

Which lead to Spending Time With The Letter ‘Jay.’ which was the email from Jay at Bioware for the interview on the Bioware website.

Which eventually led to us being contacted by Atari years later to do a Neverwinter Nights 2 Machinima that we entitled “Neverending Daze.”

Check it out.

– Tawmis

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