Featured RVB User? Me?

Featured User on RvB? Me?

Frick. Here’s where you’re supposed to have this really cool journal entry that’s full of funny and witty remarks that really makes people keep coming back. But man… What to say what to say?

Well. Okay – look at my previous journals. Some good stuff there. Some Lego Wars… some avatars for Neverending Nights…

Wait! Ah ha!

Neverending Nights! Let’s talk about Neverending Nights! Neverending Nights is a Machinima series created by Adam and myself using the Neverwinter Nights game engine! Neverending Nights has been lucky enough to be featured in PC GAMER UK (that info is on our site)… We were Interviewed by Jay of Bioware on Bioware.com, and mentioned again later when Jay mentioned us while interviewing Hugh of Machinima.com.

So I welcome you to all swing by Neverending Nights, download the videos, join our forum, and jump into the madness with us over there as well!

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