What do you mean we will get sued?

Well Tom and I have heard nothing yet from Bioware about putting their hard work on a DVD and us keeping the profits. But that hasen’t stopped us from starting production on the season one DVD. Tonight I was working on an opening for the DVD, you know something to put before the title menu. Something…groan…flashy, that would give the DVD something extra.

Well I came up with this BAD ASS video to open and I showed it to Tom and instead of saying how great it was or how much (Obviously) hard work went in to it. He shoots me down like the man and sayz that we gunna get sued if we put that on the DVD!

So I ask him why does he think that?

Because the music that you have during the opening was not written by you. It was written by The Blue Man Group.

What? you really think they will mind?

So since we cant sell it I will post it here and you can download it for free! The opening to the season one DVD that will never see a DVD.

I really need to get that PayPal link back up.




Yes, you do, you lazy bum. – Tawmis

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